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U.S Ford GPW May 1943 112xxx

We are happy to offer you this very nice and very original Ford GPW, made in May 1943 with chassis number 112xxx.

This jeep has been produced in the United States of America in May 1943 and was post-war used.

Chassis, May 1943,
chassis number: GPW112xxx

Body, matching dashboard plates with chassis number.
Body made in May 1943, with a fuel primer knock-out plate.
The fuel primer knock-out plate was only produced between 04/43 and 09/43. From 06/43, Ford added the radio wiring junction box on the right side, below the passenger seat.
In this case, there are no holes made in the body for the Radio wiring box, so we can be 100% sure this body was made between 04/43 and 06/43, which matches the production date of this jeep.

The body is in original paint! The wartime paint was never removed and repainted by, we assume, the British army post-war.
After retiring from the army, the jeep was only owned by 1 owner before we bought it.
The army post-war did some bodywork, cut a piece, and welded it back to maintain, we think, the transfer case and gearbox.

Correct Wartime Engine L134 Go Devil, W2 Casting number, runs very smooth but was meant for a Willys jeep and not for a Ford GPW (same jeep, different manufacturer).

Transfer case and gearbox are wartime.

Unique and very original jeep!
A perfect eye-catcher for the next 80 years of liberation tours in 2024!

Keep in mind, this jeep has never been restored and is 80 years old, so be prepared to do some work! It is not a new Porsche that just rolled out of the factory, so do not expect this =) But in return, you have a very original and unique jeep.

More pictures, price, and information: Info@byf41.com, or the contact form below.
We can help with worldwide shipping and all the paperwork involved.

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