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Contact information 

The best way to get in touch with us is sending an email, Fill in the contact from down below, Sending a text over whatsapp, or send us a text over Facebook!



Please fill in the contact form or send us an email to Info@byf41.com. Additionally, you can reach us via WhatsApp.

Please fill in a contact form, email us at info@byf41.com, or send us a WhatsApp message! We will take a look at your vehicle and help you at soon as possible. 

Contact us via the contact form, email us at info@byf41.com, or reach out via WhatsApp!

Yes, we can. Please contact us using the contact form, email at info@byf41.com, or send us a WhatsApp message for more detailed information!

We are always open to look for possibilities, so yes, maybe we do! Email us, and let’s have a chat!

It depends on the vehicle. If it’s an older restoration, then no. However, if we mention that the engine, gearbox, or transfer case has been overhauled, then yes, but only up to a certain number of kilometers/miles or time. This will be detailed in the sales agreement.

We accept direct bank transfers to IBAN, PayPal, or cash payments. We always provide an invoice and bill of sale.

We prefer to keep our prices private for our clients’ benefit. If you have any questions about pricing, feel free to email us or send a WhatsApp message.

Not currently, but this might change in the future. However, we can provide advice.

Yes, you can buy a vehicle without visiting our storage. We can send you numerous pictures and videos of the vehicle or all details you need. We make a bill of sale so everything is clear for both parties.
We also offer the option to send the vehicle to you. If you’re unsatisfied, you can return it. Costs will only be transport and a small down payment. This service is only available within the Benelux.


Within the Benelux, we offer delivery using our own transport or you can pick up the vehicle yourself. For the rest of Europe and the world, we use specialized transport companies. We pass on the transport costs directly to the buyer.

Yes and no. It depends. We try to help out, but due to past experiences, we refrain from reserving a car for more than 1-2 days without a down payment.

It depends on the vehicle. Some have more replica parts than others, but the base is always original. We strive to indicate which parts are original in our advertisements or during your visit to our store.

This is a common question. Unfortunately, most of the time, the answer is no.
For some vehicles, we have a trace of her history, but for most, nothing. There are no available records regarding the vehicles service history or the regiments they served with for most vehicles.

In most cases, yes, you can. It depends on whether the vehicle has a Dutch license plate. However, please note that driving is at your own risk.

In most cases, we cannot accept returns. We only accept returns if a mistake was made or if something breaks within the warranty period. However, we’re always willing to find a mutually beneficial solution.

We create a bill of sale and invoice for every purchase or sale. We prioritize maintaining our good reputation and complying with governmental requirements for documenting purchases and sales. We are a official company, with chamber of commerce number and tax identification number.

Absolutely! Coffee and ‘stroopwafels’ will be waiting for you. However, please schedule an appointment beforehand. We’re not always at our storage facility and wouldn’t want to disappoint you. Just send us a WhatsApp message, and we’ll respond as quickly as possible!

No, we don’t. Unfortunately, we’re not a bank, but a small company. However, we’re open to discussing payment plans.

Yes, there are plenty available! Original parts might be harder to find, but many new parts around.

Yes, we can assist you with that.

Yes, we are. This means we may not always reply immediately to texts or emails, and sometimes we might even forget to reply. But, we strive to respond as quickly as possible to provide every client with the best experience possible. As well, as human, we would love to receive a reply back if we invest time in someone! Having a talk about our shared hobby is always amazing.

Yes, it might be.