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Vehicle Rental

Early in our youth, we could not get enough of films about the War, especially about the second world war.

Great examples are “Saving Private Ryan” or the Top Series “Band of Brothers”.

After watching these movies many times, we began to wonder, “Where do these vehicles actually come from?”

These vehicles, large pieces of artillery and uniforms are often in the possession of private collectors or museums, but how do you get in touch with people who own and make these vehicles available?

Here at Byf41 we can source all Militaria and Vehicles needed for all scenarios, this could be for TV, Film, reenactment or for a Museum.  

After expanding our personal private collection, we came into contact with many major collectors both here in the Netherlands,Europe, but also worldwide. Many of these collectors are interested in making vehicles available for films or for example, a wedding.

It is of course important that historical heritage is used for future films and exhibitions so that today’s people can see the realism of the War in 1939-1945.

We cater for many types of WW2 vehicles, including:

– German vehicles
– American vehicles
– English vehicles
– Canadian vehicles
– Uniforms
– Tanks
– Tracked vehicles

and of course everything that is needed and or desired for a certain scenario.

We can arrange all required vehicles that we either own ourselves or that we can source, we also arrange insurance, transport, overnight accommodation and if desired, a short driver training on the vehicle itself. 


For any interest please contact us without any obligation via the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your wishes.

Please see further on this site for types of vehicles we own and can source!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Team BYF41


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