WW2 U.S.N Mark 1 Knife ‘PAL’ RH 36


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Here we have a WW2 U.S.N (United States Navy) Knife, this particulr type is made by PAL (Pal Blade Company of Chicago). RH 36 Type no.23. Mark 1 knives manufactured for the U.S.Navy have a blade length of 5.24-inches but most other features vary considerably. The blades may be blued, polished bright, chromed or parkerized. The Navy MK1 knife was used as both a utility knife and a fighting weapon. While some undoubtedly saw combat, particularly with Naval Aviators, these blades were mostly used for everyday functions aboard ship and ashore. The Mark I knives were Navy issue throughout WW2 and remained in inventory through the Vietnam war. They were purchased in huge quantities so replacements were not needed for many years.

This version is has an aluminium Butt type. Leather sheath is not marked and no other markings can be found. his

Knife is in good condition and well marked!


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