U.S Ford GPW Vep March 1942 GPW22xx

Older restoration, Ford GPW VEP, Build in beginning of March 1942.


Chassis number : GPW 22xx


This beautiful Ford GPW vep is one of the first produced. The dashboard plates are original and matching with the original chassis number GPW 22xx.

The body is a full original Ford Script body.

The engine is a Willys MB engine(w4 casting) from 1944. Engine is good running.

This Ford GPW needs a big maintenance job but ready to drive after!

Amazing early Ford GPW with a amazing platina


– Original chassis with GPW22xx number
– Original Ford Script body
– Willys MB W4 Engine

A lot of F marked parts.

Including the canvas top.


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U.S Ford GPW Vep March 1942 GPW22xx