German 2cm Flak 38 (Flugzeugabwehrkanone) 1943, number matching

German made and used 2cm flak 38 1943, number matching lafette and lafette ring.
Post war used by the Yugoslavian army and afterwards by the Portugese.


Build in 1943, the 2 cm Flak was produced in the early pre war production and made for shooting down enemy airplanes or extra firepower for in the field.

With only a 500 kilo weight the flak was really easy to move around and pull by smaller cars.

The 2 cm canon is deactivated current EU law and free to own within Europe.
Everything works, all the gears, etc etc.


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German 2cm Flak 38 (Flugzeugabwehrkanone) 1943, number matching