2 years of our great hobby!

A small impression what a year brings.

– Alot of traveling, yes , can be nice, but can be very exhausting as well.
– Long working days
– Meeting great new people
– Drive all the vehicles you can dream of, small jeeps and big tanks and even airplanes.
– Do alot of studies(yes, studies), you do need some knowledge for this great hobby.
– Asked alot of friends for information(Sorry for this guys!)
– Broke down alot of stuff
– Fixed alot of stuff(after we broke them, shit happends)
– Bought a shitload of tooling for all the work we do
–  Broke few teeths, do not ask me how…. Something with a Wrench and alot of power.
– lost 1 liter of blood with some minus accidents.

But, still alive and kicking!


Last 2 years, we have;
– Found around 40 vehicles and rehomed them to great people.
– Found 1000 Items of militaria and collectables
– fixed over 30 broken engines, gearboxes, transfercases.
– Did alot of small jobs!


How it all started 25 years ago.

1996, The family decided to buy a very nice Dodge wc51, few years later the Dodge wc62 joined the family.


Our Dodge wc62 at the Ginkelseheide, Arnhem(market garden) Commemoration, probably around September 2004

The biggest problem in the Netherlands is a decent storage for a afortable price. A place for 3-4 cars starts with 1250 euro’s rent or even more…
Crazy prices, but nothing you can do about.

We decided to start a small website , so we were able to aford such a storage, Byf41 was born.


We started buying and selling militaria and vehicles 2 years ago.



At one moment we had the opportunity to trade our Opel blitz for a post war Halftrack, the look a like Sd.kfz 251, based on a OT810.
This was the ‘ worst ‘ moment for the company. The hobby heart kicked in and the business mind disappeared for a while. WE HAD A HALFTRACK!

Will continue soon 🙂 


Byf41 Nieuws2 years of Byf41