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U.S WW2 Dodge WC51 project, Nov 1944 , 8174xxx

Dodge WC51, a fantastic restoration project, ideal for enthusiasts looking to bring history back to life without breaking the bank.
With some dedication, you can have a amazing restored Dodge wc51 in your garage.

The chassis number is 8174xxx, which indicates this Dodge is made around 15 november 1944.
The engine is the correct type, but engine number is 100p482 and not T214 marked.

We indicate, this project is complete for around 85%, most important parts are with the project.
The engine was machined, being ready for rebuild.

This project is an affordable entry into the world of World war 2 vehicles and events!

More pictures , price and information :Info@byf41.com,or fill in the contact form below and we reply fast as possible! We can help with world wide shipping.

US Dodge wc51 project

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