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U.S Willys jeep decemer 1941 103xxx

Recently Restored , Willys jeep made in decemer 1941.

Chassis number : 103xxx

This beautiful Willys jeep has been restored a couple of years back until the headgasket blown and stored away dry for a few years.

We have replaced the headgasket with a New old stock one, cleanded the complete motor, added a new carburetor, changed the oil and coolingfluid and serviced all the fuel lines, brake lines, gearbox, transfercase and axles!

Engine, gearbox and transfercase recently checked and serviced.

The end product is this great looking and driving Slat grill frame Willys jeep.

– Original 1943/44 Willys engine
– Willys transfercase
– Willys gearbox
– New body
– Early and one of the first Slatgrill chassis with early frame number 103xxx
– Original Front axle
– Original  rear axle

Including the canvas top.
Extra accessories can be aranged, like radios, tripod for .50 cal, .50 cal machine gun, antennas and anything you would like.

More pictures , price and information :Info@byf41.com,or fill in the contact form below and we reply fast as possible! We can help with world wide shipping.

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U.S Willys jeep decemer 1941 103xxx (2)

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