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U.S Ford GPW May 1942 23xxx

A well preserved 1942 Ford GPW used by the British Army post war.

The dashboard plates match with the chassis number, but the engine is a wartime Willys engine with a Ford marked head. (W3 casting number)

The British Army added a rebuild tag to the Chassis , which is still visable and attached.

Good running engine, gearbox and transfer case, mechanically ready to go.
The body has been modified or replaced, likely by the British Army, with a 1943-1945 body featuring a rifle holder and blackout light. The body is original with body number, so no replica or post war rebuilded one.
Interesting fact is the original dashboard plates still with the vehicle, even after rebuild.

The jeep drives very well and is very quick, a lot of power in the engine. Electrical ignition installed inside the original distributor (not visable so everything looks correct)

A perfect eye-catcher for the next 80 years of liberation tours in 2024!

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U.S Ford GPW May 1942 23xxx (38)

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