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U.S Dodge weapons carrier 51 , 1944

Very nice Dodge weapon carrier 51, restaured some years ago with removal of rust areas.

Front and rear axle, transfer box and gearbox plus the motor are all as good as new, this is something one feels when driving the Dodge.

Also the main brake cylinder has been replaced along with the brake cylinders and brake lines, brake pressure is great…safety first!

The motor runs nicely, with a cold start the motor turns quickly at 6v which feels like it’s 12v and runs well. Some plopping sounds but this is quite normal. When warm the motor turns over nicely.
Valves have been properly aligned and the headgasket has been replaced.

body is an all metal early version from 1942 and the chassis is from 1944. Dodge has little to no rust with only a few small patches of surface rust.

This is a nice and large Dodge that can last for years to come and is mechanically great.

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U.S Dodge weapons carrier 51 , 1944 (2)

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