German Mercedes-Benz type L 1500A

The real deal, an original Mercedes-Benz Type L 1500A Mannschaftswagen.
With only 4,900 exemplars of the Mercedes-Benz type L 1500 A manufactured between 1941 and 1943 , this is a real rare vehicle!

There are only a few of these beautiful vehicles left at the moment!

The differential in the front axle is missing and there is a crack in the engine block, but we will add a second , in good condition engine block with the vehicle.


Technical Specifications

Length        4.93 meters
Width          2.05 meters
Height         2.22 meters
Weight         2.39 tons
Engine         1 x 60 hp Daimler-Benz M159
Speed          84 kph
Range          370 km
Crew            2
Passengers   7

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German Mercedes-Benz type L 1500A