U.S Ford GPW 2 feb 1943 chassis number GPW 97442

Restored , Ford GPW jeep made 2 February 1943.


Chassis number : GPW 97442


This beautiful Ford GPW was post war used by the Italian army and imported few years ago.
The Ford got a complete restoration.

engine, gearbox and transfercase overhaul, all the body work done, no filler used.

The end product is this great looking and driving Ford GPW.

– Ford GPW engine
– Ford GPW transfercase
– Ford GPW gearbox
– Ford GPW body
– Ford GPW chassis
– Ford GPW Front axle
– Willys NOS rear axle


Including the canvas top and canvas bags


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Engine 134 cu in (2.2 l) Inline 4 Willys L134 “Go Devil”
60 hp (45 kW; 61 PS)
Power/weight 49 hp/ST (54.0 hp/t)
Payload capacity 1,200 lb (540 kg) on-road;
800 lb (360 kg) cross-country
Transmission 3 speed x 2 range transfer case
Suspension Live axles on leaf springs front and rear
Ground clearance 8+34 in (22 cm)
Fuel capacity 15 US gal (12.5 imp gal; 56.8 L)
300 mi (482.8 km)
Maximum speed 65 mph (105 km/h)

Number of Willys build: 

Willys MA 1941 1,553
Willys MB 1941–1945 361,339 (335,531 + 25,808 “slats”)
Ford GPW 1942–1945 277,896


World War II


On the battlefield, the Jeep was fast, nimble and tough. It could handle nearly any terrain, and when it did get stuck, it was light enough for soldiers to lift free. It towed anti-tank weapons that could be deployed quickly, and it could mount a machine gun for fighting infantry.

The tough, simple, Jeep® Brand 4×4 became the GI’s best friend—second only to his rifle. One MB was even awarded a Purple Heart and sent home. General George C. Marshall, US Army Chief of Staff during World War II, and later U.S. Secretary of State, described the Jeep® Brand 4×4 as “America’s greatest contribution to modern warfare”.
Scripps Howard WWII Reorter Ernie Pyle once said, “It did everything. It went everywhere. Was a faithful as a dog, as strong as a mule, and as agile as a goat. It constantly carried twice what it was designed for and still kept going.” (Source Jeep.com)

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U.S Ford GPW 2 feb 1943 chassis number GPW 97442