U.S WW2 Mine detecting Pole


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Here we have a WWII U.S Army Mine detecting/probing pole. It is made of aluminium and comes in 2 sections (One section is a hollow tube which is the handle and the other section is the pointed probe). The probe section fits into the main handle section for storage and carrying purposes. The handle section is approx. 34 1/2″ Long and has a twist lock type of device for securing the probe section for storage and use. Also there is a tag on the outside which reads U.S. ARMY MINE PROBE CORP. OF ENGINEERS JUNE 1943. The probe section has a 3 sided point and is approx. 18 1/2″ Long from end to end. The probe section has a screw at each end to secure it to the handle section. The overall length is approx. 51″ Long.

Interesting and not often encountered item!

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