U.S WW2 M1 “swingbale” front seam helmet


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WW2 U.S “Swing-bale” Helmet (produced: September-December 1944) complete with its inner hard hat (Post-War version).

Here we have a WW2 U.S “Swing-Bale” Helmet complete with its inner (Post-War) hard hat. Helmet still has its original canvas straps and olive green paint on the outside metal pot.

The M1 is a combination of two “one-size-fits-all” helmets—an outer metal shell, sometimes called the “steel pot”, and a Hard hat–type liner nestled inside it featuring an adjustable suspension system. Helmet covers and netting would be applied by covering the steel shell with the extra material tucked inside the shell and secured by inserting the liner.

The outer shell should not be worn by itself. The liner can be worn by itself, providing protection similar to a hard hat, and was often worn in such fashion by military policemen, Assistant Drill Instructors (known as AIs), and rifle/machine gun/pistol range staff, although they were supposed to wear steel at the range. The liner is sometimes worn in U.S. military ceremonies and parades, painted white or chromed

Nice complete M1 helmet.

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