U.S WW1 Shaving Kit ‘Khaki Set’ by Gillette

U.S WW1 Shaving Kit ‘Khaki Set’ by Gillette


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Here we have a U.S WW1 Shaving kit made by the famous Gillette company. Called the “Khaki Set” it comes complete with the razor handle and head plus  spare razor-blades (in a silver case). These kits were issued by the U.S Army in WW1 to troops in the field, men could use these and be able to place a gasmask on quicker than with a beard especially in case of an attack by gas. During WW2 the U.S Army no longer issued troops with shaving kits as there was little to no danger of gas attack by enemy forces. Outside canvas has been somewhat discoloured through the time, shaving pieces are in good condition, not bad for over 100 years!

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