Soviet WW2 1940 SVT-40 serial 3643 EU 2018/337 Deactivated


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Very early 1940 made Soviet (Tokarev) SVT-40, nicknamed ‘Sveta’.
Not number matching , but alot of Soviet markings all over the rifle.
This SVT40 is one of the around 50.000 sniper variants , produced from 1940 till 1942, with scope rail and the early style flash hider.

Not often seen.

Early version with scope rail to make the perfect SVT40 sniper set up.

Shipping will be calculated after order due size.

Sold from my own collection and no moving parts.

Only sold to people over 18 years !!

The EU regulation 2015/2403 came about as a result of the attacks in Paris. The regulation applies throughout Europe. In all EU countries, weapons must be disarmed in the manner described in the EU regulation. The disarmed weapons then no longer have to be seen as firearms. The weapons must be provided with a certificate from 1 of the controlling authorities from 1 of the EU countries. They must also be marked by stamped stamps showing the deactivation.

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