RAF Operation ‘Rhubarb’ documents Netherlands & Belgium

op secret documents about operation ‘Ruhbarb’ , Netherlands and Belgium


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Rare top secret documents about operation ‘Ruhbarb’ , flying sortie in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Operation Ruhbarb was a small-scale freelance fighter sorties against ground targets of opportunity.
The object was to harass German communications by destroying transport in target-of-opportunity attacks, to keep the German defences on a state of constant alert, and to destroy any German fighters sent up to intercept the raiders.
The first ‘Rhubarb’ was flown on 20 December 1940 by two Supermarine Spitfire fighters of No. 66 Squadron over France with a sortie against Le Touquet.

This Specific was for a sortie for The Netherlands and Belgium in 1942.

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