German WW2 Gewehr 43 marked ´DUV 44 ´ EU 2015/2403 Deactivated

German WW2 Gewehr 43 marked ´DUV 44 ´ EU 2015/2403 Deactivated


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Really nice, original and from my own collection, almost number matching gewehr 43, marked ‘DUV (Berlin Luebecker) 44(1944)’ with serial number 4536 without suffix letter, so number 4536 from the production line.

Alot of WaA stamps all over the weapon.
The G43 was the German counterpart for the American m1 Garand and the Russian SVT40.
Because of the late war introduction of the gewehr 43(1944+1945) the quality of the weapon was a lot worse then other weapons like the early war k98’s!

At the rearside of the stock are still 2 WaA stamps visable and a serial number.

The G43 is last spec deactivation, so no moving parts anymore.

This beauty is one of a kind rare gun, Gewehr 43’s are really hard to find!

Only sold to people over 18 years !!

The EU regulation 2015/2403 came about as a result of the attacks in Paris. The regulation applies throughout Europe. In all EU countries, weapons must be disarmed in the manner described in the EU regulation. The disarmed weapons then no longer have to be seen as firearms. The weapons must be provided with a certificate from 1 of the controlling authorities from 1 of the EU countries. They must also be marked by stamped stamps showing the deactivation.

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