U.S Army 1899 “Krag” Bayonet


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With the adoption of the .30-40 Krag in 1892, the U.S. Army began to catch up with foreign powers in the use of small caliber magazine-fed arms using smokeless powder. Developed by two Norwegians, the U.S. version was based on a Danish model (JORGENSEN) and the knife bayonet eventually selected for it had Swiss influence. The Krag was used widely by the army in last years of the 19th century and the early years of the 20th in America’s conflicts as it became a world power, from fighting the Spanish in Cuba to battles with the Moros in the Philippines, Boxers in China, and in a number of small conflicts elsewhere.

This Krag bayonet is stamped US on the obverse of the ricasso and dated 1899 reverse. The wood grips are very good, with no chips or cracks and fit tightly to the pommel and guard. Unfortunately the release button is missing. Metal scabbard incuded and is in good condition with only a small dent 3/4 way down.

Nice Cuba or Phillipines/Spanish American war bayonet! Condition rates at Good+

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