U.S WW2 M4 Bayonet ”Camillus’ with M8A1 scabberd ‘V.P’


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Here we have an original U.S WW2 M4 Bayonet produced by the Camillus Company in New York. The M4 bayonet, like the M3 fighting knife that preceded it, was designed for rapid production using a minimum of strategic metals and machine processes, it used a relatively narrow 6.75-inch bayonet-style spear-point blade with a sharpened 3.5-inch secondary edge. This M8A1 Scabberd is produced by the V.P Company.
The m4 bayonet was introduced in 1944, for use with the M1 carbine. The M8A1 Scabberd was introduced in 1944 and production ended late 1970’s. This example is produced by V.P who produced the m8A1 in the 50’s.

Bayonet naturally has some usage signs although retains its quality with its leather turned grip still supple. Comes complete with its scabberd and belt hook. Bayonet condition rates at very good+

Lovely example!













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