Who said barn finds are a thing from the past?!

We got in touch with a really nice person from France, and he told us he had a really good looking Willys , but she was not able to drive , start or brake, and she did not drive for the last 10 years, so she needs alot of TLC! (tender loving care)

This Willys is made in 1943 as a original radio Willys, and should have had a BC1306 or a BC-620 radio!

The Willys spec
– Chassis number MB254124
– Body number 152663
– Engine number MB491866

Engine134 cu in (2.2 l) Inline 4 Willys L134 “Go Devil”
60 hp (45 kW; 61 PS)
Power/weight49 hp/ST (54.0 hp/t)
Payload capacity800 lb (360 kg)
Transmission3 speed x 2 range transfer case
SuspensionLive axles on leaf springs front and rear
Ground clearance34 in (22 cm)
Fuel capacity15 US gal (12.5 imp gal; 56.8 L)
300 mi (482.8 km)
Maximum speed65 mph (105 km/h)

For the next couple of weeks alot of work to do!

To do list:
– Brakes, complete overhaul.
– Fuel system, fuel pump, tank, fuelfilter, carburator and the fuel lines!
– Whole electrical system, replacing all the wires for original clothing ones, replacing all the original lights for working 6v
– Replace the fuel and temp gauge, these were incorrect and missing.
– repairing the canvas
– Replacing all the fluids.
– reparing the cooling system!

Byf41 NieuwsWillys jeep 1943 mb254124